How much should a baby weigh? Table: age - weight - height

Each child lives according to his individual height and weight program. However, there are statistics that give an idea of what the average weight of children is. Also, there are recommendations of doctors offering optimal values for height, weight, and their ratio.

We compared the data obtained by statistical means and the recommendations of doctors, it turned out that they practically coincide with a difference not exceeding 3%.

So, the data given in the table are the optimal values for the height and weight of the child. Please note that for boys and girls the values are slightly different.

Table of weight and height of infants by age
Year + MonthBoyGirlMo­nth
Norms calculator for children
Ideal weight calculator for adults
Professional centile tables of height, weight or body mass index
1 month4,4554,54,1553,51
2 months5,2558,04,9056,82
3 months6,0561,05,5059,33
4 months6,7063,06,1561,54
5 months7,3065,06,6563,45
6 months7,9067,07,2065,36
7 months8,4068,77,7066,97
8 months8,8570,38,1068,48
9 months9,2571,78,5070,09
10 months9,6573,08,8571,310
11 months10,074,39,2072,611
year + mo.weightheightweightheightmo.
1 y. exact10,375,59,573,812
1 y, 1 months10,676,89,875,013
1 y, 2 months10,978,010,176,114
1 y, 3 months11,179,010,377,215
1 y, 4 months11,380,010,678,316
1 y, 5 months11,581,010,879,317
1 y, 6 months11,782,011,080,318
1 y, 7 months11,983,011,281,319
1 y, 8 months12,183,911,482,220
1 y, 9 months12,284,711,683,121
1 y, 10 months12,485,611,784,022
1 y, 11 months12,386,411,984,923
year + mo.weightheightweightheightmo.
2 y. exact12,787,312,185,824
2 y, 1 months12,888,112,286,725
2 y, 2 months13,088,912,487,526
2 y, 3 months13,189,712,588,427
2 y, 4 months13,290,312,789,228
2 y, 5 months13,491,112,990,029
2 y, 6 months13,591,813,090,730
2 y, 7 months13,692,613,191,431
2 y, 8 months13,893,213,392,132
2 y, 9 months13,993,813,492,933
year+ mo.weightheightweightheightmo.
2 y, 10 months14,094,413,693,634
2 y, 11 months14,295,013,794,235
3 y exact14,395,713,994,836

How to use a table

How much should a child weigh 1 year?
In the left column we are looking for a row with the text 1 year. On the right will be the weight in kilograms (boy 10.300 / girl 9.500) and height (75.5 / 73.8) in centimeters.

Weight rating

The deviation of the child’s weight within 6–7% of those indicated in the table is the absolute norm.

Deviation of weight up to 12-14% may indicate a tendency to overweight or underweight.

Weight deviations of more than 12-14% may indicate a slight advantage and underweight.

For a more accurate weight estimate, use our calculator or professional centile tables of height, weight or body mass index.

Height rating

The deviation of the growth of the child within 3% of those indicated in the table is the absolute norm.

If the growth deviation exceeds 10%, it makes sense to consult a doctor.

For a more accurate weight estimate, use our calculator.

Adequate assessment of the height and weight of the child

In general, the rates for each child are different. Approximately 10% of children’s weight and height indicators will go beyond the proposed assessment framework and this will be the norm for them.

First of all, you should monitor the weight of the child in order to detect any nutritional problems in time. For example, if a child abruptly stops gaining weight or reduces it for no apparent reason, this is an indication that some problems have arisen. Thus, for a complete analysis, you need to know the background of the weight and height of a particular child.

Control of weight and weight gain also helps to assess the optimal nutrition for the child: switch to a certain diet, switch to a new mixture, normalize cereal intake.

When assessing the weight of newborns, one must also remember that during the first week of a child’s life, natural weight loss of 5–8% is normal.

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