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Weight Evaluation

The weight 74 kg is in the Normal category for adults of the height 175 cm.
This estimation is based on the calculated Body Mass Index (BMI): 25.

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Healthy weight

For adults of the height 175 cm, the ideal healthy weight are: 56.7 – 76.6 kg

The exact value of the ideal weight is in the specified range and is determined by your personal motives and requirements for the figure.

For maximum life expectancy, the ideal weight for this height is 66.5 kg

All ranges for the height 177 cm:

  • Underweight: below 35.58 kg

    • Severe thinness: below 35.58 kg
    • Moderate thinness: 35.58 – 50.58 kg
    • Mild thinness: 35.58 – 50.58 kg
  • Normal: 35.58 – 50.58 kg

  • Pre-obesse: 50.58 – 65.58 kg

  • Obesse: above 75.58 kg

    • Obesse class I: 35.58 – 50.58 kg
    • Obesse class II: 35.58 – 50.58 kg
    • Obesse class III: above 75.58 kg

Explanation of results

The results of BMI calculation don’t match for estimation of sportsmen’s weight and weight of pregnant and people who suffer from edema and other disorders which can lead to false estimation of native data.

The weight range in this calculator estimates with the growth according to methods of World Health Organization (WHO).

BMI weight estimation method is intended for primary identification of underweight or overweight. The obtaining of estimation which differs from the norm is the reason for consult with nutritionist and endocrinologist who can do an individual weight assessment and the doctor can advise you to correct your weight if it will be needed.

The ideal weight range (norm) shows what weight ones should have to minimize the chance of beginning diseases and its fatal relapses which connected with overweight or underweight. Besides in practice the person with normal weight looks health and more attractive. If you correct your weight then it's not recommended to come out the range of the norm in order to avoid the beginning of health problems.

About the weight categories

Underweight is an indication for food increasing; also it is recommended to consult with nutritionist and endocrinologist. This category consists from people who suffer from malnutrition or diseases which lead to weight loss. Underweight is inherent for professional models, gymnasts, ballet dancers and girls who overly addicted to weight loss without nutritionist’s control. Sorry to say but sometimes it follows to health problems. That's why the weight correction in such range should be accompanied by regular medical control.

The norm shows the weight which ones should obtain to have maximal chances to be healthy and pretty as long as possible. Normal weight isn’t a guarantee of good health but it lows the risk of appearance of infractions and diseases which cause by overweight or underweight. Besides people who have a normal weight get a good health even after intensive exercises as a rule.

Pre-obese is a sign of overweight. A man who is at this category often has some features related with the overweight (dyspnea, high blood pressure, fatigue, fat folds, dissatisfaction with the figure) and he has all chances to become obesity. At this case it recommends a light weight correction to the normal range or to values close to it. Also a nutritionist's consultation will not hurt.

Obese is a mark of chronic illness associated with overweight. Obesity always leads to beginning of problems with cardiovascular system and significantly increases the risk of acquiring some other diseases (diabetes, hypertension and etc.) Treatment for obesity is carried out exceptionally under nutritionist’s or endocrinologist’s control and only after necessary analyses and determination of its type. Person with obesity is not recommended to be on an uncontrolled diet and high physical activity because it can leads to some other additional problems.

Answers on questions

What weight is an ideal for me?

The calculator calculates the weight range which is ideal for you according to mentioned growth. From this range you can choose every concrete weight according to your preferences, beliefs and figure requirements. For example, those who want to have a model figure aspire to keep their weight at the lower limit.

If the health and healthy life expectancy is a priority for you than your ideal weight will calculate according to data of medical statistics. At this case the optimal weight is the weight which is calculated on a basis of a BMI of 23.

Is it possible to be sure the received assessment?

Sure. The weight assessment of adults is based on the results of authoritative research by the World Health Organization (WHO). The weight assessment of children and adolescents from birth to 18 is carried out according to individual special method also is developed by WHO.

Why gender is not taken into account?

The assessment of BMI for adults is equal as for men as women it is based on the results of statistical researches. The same time, for assessment of children's and adolescent's weight it is important to consider gender and age.

The other calculator gives another result. What is right?

There are huge number of calculators which give the assessment of weight taking into account the height and gender. But their formulas as a rule were developed in the past century by individuals or the collectives according to criteria which are unknown or unsuitable for you (for example, formulas for sportsmen assessment).

The WHO recommendations which are used in this calculator are designed for ordinary modern people, taking into account the conditions of modern life, medical advances and based on fresh observations of the population of all the continents of the planet. Therefore, we trust only these methods.

I suppose that the result should be another.

The assessment is made exceptionally on the basis of the data which you indicated about height and weight (as well as age and gender for children).In case of unexpected results, please double-check all entered data. Also, make sure that you do not belong to any of the categories of people whose weight cannot be estimated through the body mass index.

My result is underweight, but I still want to lose weight

This is not unusual, many professional models, dancers, ballerinas do just that. However, in this case, it is recommended to lose weight only under the control of a nutritionist and endocrinologist, so as not to harm your health.

Please, keep in mind that the organism of most people is not able to fully function in a state of underweight. And only a few, due to the genetics’ peculiarities (or disease, ecology, lifestyle), can live comfortable with underweight: without risk to health and without experiencing malaise, dizziness and constant hunger.

My result is the norm, but I consider myself as fat (or thin)

If you have concerns about your figure, then we recommend you to do fitness after consulting with a good nutritionist.

Please note that some elements of the figure can hardly be corrected only with the help of fitness, exercises, diets, or with their combinations. An experienced doctor should analyze your aims to assess their reality, consequences and prescribe only the right procedures.

My result is pre-obesity (or obesity), but I do not agree with this

If you are a sportsman (or amateur weightlifter) with increased muscle mass, then a BMI weight assessment is simply not intended for you (this is mentioned in the explanation). In any case, for an accurate individual weight estimation, consult a nutritionist — only in this case you will get an authoritative result with the seal of a doctor.

Why are some people consider me too thin or fat, although my weight is normal?

Pay attention to the personality and weight of those people who bother you. As a rule, they judge only by themselves: subjectively. Overweight people always consider that thin people are skinny, while underweight people think that stout people are fat, moreover, both of them can have weight within a healthy norm. Take into account social factors: try to exclude, nip or ignore those judgments which are addressed to you that are based on ignorance, envy or personal hostility. Only an objective assessment of BMI is worthy of trust, which clearly indicates the norm, excess or deficit of mass; and trust your worries about the figure only to supportive people of your weight category, and preferably to an experienced nutritionist.

How to calculate body mass index (BMI)?

The weight indicated in kilograms must be divided by the square of height indicated in meters. For example, with a height of 178 cm and a weight of 69 kg, the calculation will be as follows:BMI = 69 / (1.78 * 1.78) = 21.78