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Body length




Gender: boy

Age: 6 months

* Age of the child is not specified. Newborn is supposed.

  Weight: 7.6 kg, middle

  Height: 68.5 cm, middle

  Body mass index: 16.2, normal

Optimal weight: 7.43 – 8.86 kg

* Specify the height for more precise recommendations.

Прогноз роста: 65.5 см через 1 мес

Прогноз веса: 8 кг через 1 мес.

Ожидаемый привес: 0.3-0.7 кг к возрасту 1 мес

  Congratulations! Your child has an ideal physique. Measurements of weight, height and body mass index have an optimal significance, read more.

  Weight, height and BMI in the normal range, but there is a risk of gaining excess weight, read more.

  Congratulations! Weight, height and body mass index are in the range of norm, read more.

  Deviations from the norm is found, read more. Consult a specialist.

  Significant deviation from the norm is found, read more. Is required to seek qualified assistance.

  Information doesn't correspond for the child's age, read more.

  Please enter information about age, weight and height.

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Norms of weight, height and others

Norms for age 6 months
Exact weight norms for height 68.5 cm
Weight, kg6.4 – 7.17.1 – 8.88.8 – 9.9
Generalized norms
Weight, kg6.4 – 7.17.1 – 8.88.8 – 9.9
Height, cm63.3 – 65.565.5 – 69.869.8 – 71.9
BMI14.7 – 16.016.0 – 18.818.8 – 20.5
Head circumference norms
cm40.9 – 42.142.1 – 44.644.6 – 45.8
Arm circumference norms
cm12.2 – 13.213.2 – 15.415.4 – 16.5
Subscapular skinfold norms
mm5.2 – 6.16.1 – 8.68.6 – 10.3
Triceps skinfold norms
mm6.4 – 7.67.6 – 11.011.0 – 13.3

* The table shows the general ranges of norms for a specified age, as well as the exact range of norms of weight for a given height at a specified age.

* For children under 5 years old additional norms are displayed.

* BMI — Body mass index reflects the relationship between height and weight.

* The full centile tables of height, weight and BMI.

Detailed assessment, recommendations, problems

We analyzed your data according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and obtained the following results for age 6 months:

1. Body mass index estimation:

2. Height estimation:

3. Weight estimation:

* To obtain accurate estimates indicate the most accurate age, weight and height.


We sincerely hope that provided information was interesting and useful for you. All assessments produce according to the full centile tables of weight, height and BMI, which were developed by World Health Organization. If you want to share this calculator with another parents you can mention the simple link to this page or the link with indication of child’s age or date of birth. If you need to show the calculating results of your child to another people you can use the following link with the indication of the age, weight and height.

If you have something to say: you can offer improvement or inform about inaccuracy then you can send message to our email .

About this calculator

This calculator analyses the weight and height of a child according to his age with the accuracy up to the day. In contrast with centile tables this calculator gives complex assessment of the weight in strict accordance to the child’s height and age.

The ranges of values, methods and recommendations based on the methodical materials that were developed by WHO which done the extensive research of healthy children growth of different nationalities and geographical areas.

Please, keep in mind that our calculator forms the results only on the basis of the information that you are specified. If you made the measurements with big errors then the result will be inaccurate. Especially it’s important for the measurement of height (or body length).

If our calculator diagnoses some problems, you shouldn’t have panic: just make height measurement more accurate. In ideal this measurement should do two persons independently from each other.

Height and body length

For babies till 2 years it is accepted to measure body length in the lying position. Children above 2 years old are measured in the standing position. Difference between height and body length can reach 1 cm, it may affect on the assessment’s results. That’s why if you’ll specify height for the child till 2 years old instead of body length (or conversely) then value will be converted automatically to required for the correct calculation.

About Height Assessment (Body length assessment)

Height is the most important parameter which you should control monthly (see the centile tables of height). Obtaining estimates of "stunted" and "Severely stunted" can be caused by prematurity, illness, underdevelopment or inadequate nutrients.

High height typically isn't a problem but the assessment "very high" can point on availability of endocrine disorders: such a suspicion should arise in a case if a very high child has both parents with a normal average height.

The list of potential height's assessments:

 Severely stunted
Severe growth retardation. It may also lead to obesity or owerweight. It is necessary to attend a specialist to identify and eliminate the causes of stunting.
Retarded growth. It can also lead to overweight. Is it necessary to consult doctor.
 Below average
Below average. Height (body length) is in the normal range.
This height has the majority healthy children.
 Above average
Above average. Height (body length) is in the normal range.
Such a great height you can see infrequently, however it does not indicate any problems, so it is the norm. Generally such height is hereditary.
 Very tall (excessive height?)
Excessive height of the child is usually hereditary and of itself is not a problem. However, in some cases, this growth may be an indication of endocrine diseases. Therefore, to exclude the possibility of endocrine disorders, consult a specialist.
 Height doesn't match the age
Perhaps you made a mistake when specifying the height and age of the child.
If the growth of the baby is really the same as you have specified, there is a significant deviation from the norm, which deserves special attention of an experienced specialist.

How the Weight matches the Height

The ratio of height and weight provides the most sensible representation of the harmonious development of the child, it is expressed as a number called the body mass index, or BMI for short. According to this value can be objectively determined problems with weight, when they are present. And if they are not, then you should check that the BMI is in a normal range.

Please note that normal body mass index of children is radically different from that of adults, and very dependent on the age of the child. Therefore, this calculator estimates the BMI in strict accordance with the age of the child.

Next you can see the list of situations that are diagnosed by body mass index:

 Severely wasted
Severely wasted. It needs an expert help to identify and eliminate the causes of underweight. Also it is necessary to correct the feeding on the doctor's recommendations.
Wasted. It is recommended to correct the feeding on recommendations of the doctor.
 Weight below average
In the range of norm. The child weight less than most peers.
Ideal ratio of weight and height.
 Increased weight (variant of the norm, but risk of overweight in the future)
This variant of the norm. The child weighs more than most peers. Possible risk of overweight.
When interpreting risk of overweight, it is helpful to consider the weight of the child’s parents. If the child has an obese parent, this increases the child’s risk of becoming overweight. A child with one obese parent has a 40% probability of being overweight; if both parents are obese, the probability goes up to 70%. It is important to know that overweight and obesity can co-exist with stunting.
The correction of feeding according to doctor’s appointment is recommended.
The treatment and correction of feeding according to doctor’s appointment is required
: The treatment and correction of feeding according to doctor’s appointment is required
 Can not be estimated
Perhaps you made a mistake when specifying the height, weight or age of the child.
If all data are correct, there is a significant deviation from norms. It requires special attention an experienced doctor.

What weight can be

A simple estimate of weight (based on age) usually gives only a superficial understanding of child development. However, if you got rates "low weight" or "extremely low weight" it is a significant occasion for consultation with a specialist (see Weight tables). The full list of possible estimates of the weight is given below:

 Severely underweight, extremely low weight
Child have vety low weight. Must be consulted a physician.
 Underweight, low weight
Child have low weight. It is recommended to consult a doctor.
 Below average
Weight below average, but it is in the normal range for a specified age.
 Average weight
What is the weight of the majority of healthy children.
 Above average
In this case, the weight should be assessed exclusively on body mass index (BMI).
 Much weight
In this case, the weight should be assessed exclusively on body mass index (BMI).
 Weight doesn't match the age
Perhaps you made a mistake when specifying the weight or age of the child.
If all data is correct, then the baby may have problems with the development, weight or height. To refine, please see Height and BMI estimates. And be sure to consult an experienced professional.